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Do Not Harm Your Baby In The Name Of Love!

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We often hear cases where grandparents were always gonna be the one who “care the most” to the baby. Everything that they said, parents should listen to it even though it is not that good. For example, grandparents especially grandmother always wanted to follow the traditional way to raise the baby.

Take Jaundice for example. Doctors have stated that babies with jaundice should not consume any fruit juice or even boiled water, except for milk. But apparently, grandmothers know “better” isn’t it?
Yes, it is true that they want the best for the baby but the ugly truth is, not every advice they give is relevant. Right?
Below is the latest case that happened.

“The mother found that her baby’s jaundice index was as high as 15 points after a week of birth. His jaundice index points decrease slowly even after a long week of testing by drawing the baby’s blood. The baby started developing a deformed foot which caused his feet to shrink subsequently. All the relatives and the elders felt anxious and begin to discuss and share about all kinds of remedies that can retreat from jaundice. In this case, of course, the mom knows better than anyone else and clearly understand her baby is unable to consume anything whether it is natural juice or pearl powder and even boiled water except for milk.

Anyway, the poor baby was fed by the green grape juice according to Chinese tradition to decrease the jaundice index point. After a few days, she realised her baby’s stomach is swelling.
Elders told the mom that it is because of stomach bloating. Until the next day, the nurse came to her house for routine inspection. The nurse said that her baby was not the only tummy bloated, but also had shortness of breath. She then was advised to bring her baby to be admitted to the hospital immediately.”

You see, this is the consequences that the baby has to face when there is a clash of information on how to cure the sickness of the baby. Yup, everybody wanted the best for the baby, but please admit that not all baby is the same. Some of them are not that lucky. Some of them cant even consume any traditional medicine.

So mommies out here, please be firm and stubborn enough not to let anything happen to your baby, in the name of love!
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